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Hinata vs Nejji Hinata vs Nejji

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Effort

This is a good rendition of the original. It's got depth and character but keeps true to the original. I enjoyed it. :)

By the way, rating this song based on the fact that it was inspired by a song from Naruto is rediculous. Seriously, why hate a Japanese cartoon so much? You obviously knew it was from Naruto so only purpose of coming here was to publicly state you "hate it".

Guess what? Homophobes are typically closet gays. I'm guessing your Naruphobia is because you actually like the show and can't admit it openly.

Hey, Naruphobia is a good word. I don't think anybody else has come up with it yet.... I claim it in the name of Mobri Domble the Magnificent!

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