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ImmorTall ImmorTall

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love It

I love the experiential "games" that are starting to make their way, as a genre, to the players. While I enjoy gaming, always have, prolly always will, I think the idea that a game has to be a win or lose is antiquated. An interactive experience is all that is required, and the idea of "cinematic" games is actually taking the interaction OUT OF GAMING.

Poignant, simple, and meaningful. I enjoyed it very much.

Mad Karate Man Mad Karate Man

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


For those of you, like me, who were confused in the beginning (9/10 because the instructions pass by too quickly to be able to read) here is some clarification:

At the start, Mad Karate Man begins running toward a banker. Keep your eye at the top of the screen; a white arrow above the banker's head will appear on the right side and approach center. Click the mouse ANYwhere when the arrow hits center. This will determine how long your aerial assault will be (shown on the bottom left corner).

While in the air you must click on the banker high, med high, med low, and low. He will block with his briefcase. Early on there isn't much you can do about it since moving around it is difficult, but later in the game you will simply blow through it. While in the air attempt to hit the banker as many times as possible, accumulating combo points for successive strikes without blocking. This will determine how much power you have, measured in the bottom right corner of the screen.

When you land, click ANYwhere when the arrow is closest to the white portion of the arc, indicating the ideal 45 degree angle. This will launch the banker, and the game is afoot!

Use kicks to launch the banker higher, either by clicking the large button to his left or on himself directly. Clicking on ninjas does NOT use up power but in fact ADDS power, so do it often! It does cause the kick cooldown to restart, however.

Energy beam clears obstacles and accelerates the banker.

Early on you will depend entirely on luck to get combos, which is the only real method of gaining power. Power will allow you to use kicks and extend the launch, gaining you more points. Points will be used to upgrade.

Near the end of the game you will find that you can almost keep the banker up indefinitely if you are capable of consistantly clicking on the ninjas, gaining power.

My tip is not to kick the banker again until you've noticed that the +height numbers have stopped increasing. This indicates that you are at or past the peak of the arc and another kick will have the most effectiveness. It also allows you to kick ninjas in the meantime and refill your bar.

Another tip: Do NOT invest in the "Body Mass" upgrade (increases your max power) until you are consistently able to rack up combos. Similarly, until you have sufficient power and time in the air to destroy a briefcase there is no need to invest in lowering the briefcase's HP.

I suggest investing in time, air speed, and air power to start with to get the ball rolling. Whenever possible, upgrade final kick power, of course.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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The Ñ The Ñ

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not Half Bad

A pretty solid block breaker game overall.

A reviewer below me mentioned the edge of the paddle not returning, which I experienced as well.

The music doesn't match my tastes, and since it is "edgy" I'd give the option for a mute button or even more options for music, if you get ambitious.

I would suggest making the player click before dropping the new ball. If you aren't near the center, and with the edges of the paddle not working, it causes secondary losses.

Power ups would be awesome, but I'm not docking you for that.

+5 for successfully rendering and programming a relatively solid game for the genre. -1 for music and -1 for minor glitches.

Keep at it. :)

TheSongSalad responds:

Thanks for the review man.

Fortress Guardian Fortress Guardian

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic Game

Fantastic game; I enjoyed the mechanics a great deal. It's pleasant to look at, the music isn't bad, and the upgrades aren't either.

Repetitive, as has been said already. I think that is due to a few factors:

1) Wave length increases over time until they seem almost endless.
2) The frequency of enemy spawns doesn't seem to increase either.
3) No variety in enemies.

The repetition would be helped greatly by increasing the spawn rate, creating a few new enemies to mix things up, and make the wave times briefer.

I don't think increasing costs (through making things more expensive or adding weapon degradation) would add charm; just difficulty. Earning money in this game isn't hard, however.

Classes and races would be a fun addition. Perhaps adding an ability. I never got attacked so my sword and resistance stats were useless as it was, so adding mercenaries or minions wouldn't be appealing to myself, personally.

That all said, again, great game. I enjoyed the swift precision for the arrows very much. A bit easy, but satisfying.

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Maria 1 (anal tentacle) Maria 1 (anal tentacle)

Rated 0 / 5 stars


The "game" aspect of this involves hitting a button to continue, which renders it largely pointless.

The entire "animation" consists of 10 colors, at most, and lacks any definition.

That's not to mention that it's completely disgusting. Even if I WERE into this smut I could think of no reason to choose this to satisfy such a grotesque urge.

Composer Quest Composer Quest

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It appears to be clean and without glitches. The interface is a little lackluster; more work on that would make the game more engaging.

It's not an original concept, but it was executed well enough to merit 5 stars in my opinion. I'd enjoy seeing you push the limits a bit.

Joe's Cave Adventures Joe's Cave Adventures

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Seen Worse

Credit for making a game at all, let alone a functioning one.

Animation and motion is quite choppy. I would expand to add a reward system to encourage replays.

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The Idiot Test The Idiot Test

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Try Again; Try Being The Operative Word

This mostly relies on cheap gimmicks to force wrong answers. The game is very simplistic, not involving even the simplest of audio.

That and it has been done before and this does nothing to build on its predecessors.

One star for bothering to put it together in the first place.

Zombie Terminator Zombie Terminator

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Enjoyed The Atmosphere

I, personally, enjoyed the ambience and the music. The intro was quite good with the comic style storytelling.

The gameplay itself wasn't spectacular, but I definitely have played far worse on this site and seen it get better reviews.

Sonny Sonny

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A LOT of Fun!

I really enjoy playing your game! You've gone through great lengths to create a dynamic and customizable, not to mention functional, combat system. I actually enjoy the story up to this point and I look forward to future installments very much. The voice acting, for an internet flash game, is quite impressive as is the battle music. (4 hours of playing later I still enjoyed it, anyway.) The animation wasn't cutting edge, but I didn't really notice much about it in general, which is to say it you've done your job quite well!

I look forward to playing back through it with a different build. I started out as the hybrid and had a great deal of fun with it.

And for the record, I didn't have much trouble with the boss. Not much to figure out, really.